George Rowan, is a nuclear medicine technologist and fitness trainer in beautiful Santa Barbara. With an educational background in the sciences and love for healthy living, it is George's passion to combine these two elements to help clients build a part to a better life. "It's like an inner spirit of love I want to assist as many people as I can, I go above and beyond. The health industry is the most direct way to affect people's lives and I love being a part of it."

George has been working as licenses Nuclear Medicine technologist since 2011. He studied at South Coast Nuclear Medicine under the direction of one of the most renowned Nuclear Medicine physiciains Dr. Daniel Rimkus, MD PhD. 

In addition to his career in medicine George has been a fitness trainer in Santa Barbara Community since 2009 as a NASM certified trainer.

In 2004, George had immigrated to the United States with his mother. George recognizes the value of working hard for the American dream as well as having a deep appreciation and respect for this Country. He is now proud to call it home was he strives to bring the same attitude of hard work, determination and respect when working with his coworkers, patient and clients.