John Tesman, MD, FACEP, UHM, FCCWS is a board certified Emergency medicine physician and a board certified Undersea and Hyperbaric medicine specialist as well as a board certified chronic wound care specialist. He is the medical director of Community Memorial Hospitals Chronic wound care and Hyperbaric Medical Center in Ventura, California where he leads a team of 3 physicians and other clinicians in his hospital-based outpatient Center.

Dr. Tesman has 20 years of experience in Emergency medicine and 10 years of practicing hyperbaric Medicine and chronic wound care. Over the past 5 years Dr. Tesman has been developing a center of excellence that examines the entire patients well being in order to solve and cure the myriad and complex problems causing wounds to become chronic and non-healing.

Over the past 3 years Dr. Tesman has been involved with the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, A4M, and maintains an active role in pursing a fellowship tract in Anti Aging Medicine.

Dr. Tesman continues his path to become, maintain and provide his patients with state of the art treatment protocols, evidence based bioidentical hormone replacement regimens and A4M and AMI proven individual and patient specific tailor made treatment protocols.

This will allow Dr. Tesman to target each patient’s unique physiologic and personal needs in order to develop treatment regimens that will provide for optimal results with optimal patient satisfaction.